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Energy Management System Brings Big Savings Venstar® announced that its Surveyor® Energy Management
System (EMS) has brought significant savings on retail chain customers’ energy bills at more than 13,000 locations in North America. Surveyor is installed in more than 13,000 locations throughout North America, including Family Dollar and other nationwide retail stores. A single person can remotely control energy usage for thousands of stores using a desktop computer, laptop, telephone or iPhone®. Authorized users can make automatic and on-demand changes to HVAC, lighting, electrical and mechanical systems. Users can make global changes to stores by state or region, or can make changes to individual stores, allowing for optimal store temperatures and lighting, resulting in energy savings and comfort for customers and employees. Users can adjust HVAC, lighting/electrical, and mechanical systems to meet specific store or regional requirements, resulting in dramatic energy cost savings. Custom, standard and exception reporting, along with real-time live views into stores, gives users increased business intelligence about their stores’ HVAC, lighting/electrical and mechanical systems.
— Venstar
Circle 220

Data Loggers Record Diverse Conditions
Extech Instruments has released the new SD line of dataloggers that make it easier than ever to accurately monitor and record several combinations of key environmental factors including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and barometric pressure levels. Extech’s SD dataloggers record directly to a Microsoft Excel® file, eliminating file conversions or imports. Large multiple-reading displays indicate real-time measurements while data is saved to a 2GB SD card (included) for easy transfer to a laptop or PC. Sampling rates range from once every 5 seconds to every 10 minutes.

Each model offers a distinctly useful set of measurement capabilities:

  • SD200: three channels of temperature using Type K thermocouple probes (included)
  • SD500: ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • SD700: barometric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • SD800: carbon dioxide (CO2), ambient temperature and relative humidity.

— Extech Instruments
Circle 221

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