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DuPont 3D Labels to Combat Counterfeiting
DuPont has introduced a brand assurance program designed to help combat both counterfeits and illegal imports of DuPont™ Freon® R-22. The DuPont™ Izon® 3D hologram anti-counterfeit label provides visual identification of material as genuine DuPont product. Unique in its design, the proprietary, full-parallax imaging device is the only commercially available product that allows viewers to see around all four sides of an embedded image. Available in a variety of material constructions, sizes and designs, our team can develop a customized authentication solution to fit your branding and packaging requirements. Sources say Izon is the simplest, most intuitive and overt product to use for immediate verification, and is extremely difficult to replicate. The deep 3D design can be customized to integrate brand mark, logo, and images. It can be used as a standalone label or add other overt or covert features for additional layers of security, and is produced in a tightly controlled, secure manufacturing process DuPont customers will begin to see the DuPont™ Izon® 3D hologram on R-22 DAC cylinders in the first quarter of 2011. — DuPont
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Forane a Multi-use Refrigerant for New Systems
Forane® 410A refrigerant (R-410A) is a non-ozone depleting blend of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) R-32 and R-125 developed as a replacement refrigerant for air conditioning applications currently designed for (HCFC) R-22. Due to the higher refrigerating capacity and pressures of R-410A, it should not be used as a retrofit refrigerant in R-22 equipment. Forane® 410A refrigerant is used in new residential and commercial air conditioning systems, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and small chillers. R-410A is also being considered in some medium temperature refrigeration applications as well. R-410A is a near-azeotropic HFC refrigerant blend that meets the industry’s needs for many new air conditioning systems. R-410A has received an A1 safety rating from ASHRAE (lowest levels of toxicity and flammability) having zero ozone depletion potential. R-410A is a higher pressure and capacity refrigerant than R-22, requiring equipment and components specifically designed to accommodate the resulting higher system pressures and lower flow rates needed. Typical operating pressures of an R-410A system will be 50% to 60% higher than those in an R-22 system at comparable operating conditions. — Arkema
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