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Lower Horsepower Motor Consumes Less Energy
Morrill Motors®, a division of Regal Beloit, has released the ARKTIC 59, 1/20th HP motor, for walk-in coolers and freezers. ARKTIC 59 1/20th HP motor is a constant speed, brushless DC motor with an operating speed range of 500-1800 rpm. This lower horsepower ECM motor is similar in performance, mounting, and input connections to the standard ARKTIC 59 motor. It’s a drop-in replacement for 3.3-in. shaded pole(SP) and permanent split capacity (PSC) motors, with a second operating point for lower energy consumption. Morrill’s ARKTIC 59-series unit bearing ECM motors are primarily used in the evaporator of commercial refrigeration walk-in coolers and freezers. Sources say they significantly outperform shaded pole and PSC technology, with efficiencies three times higher than SP motors and 45% higher than PSC. In addition to the reliable and quiet ball bearing design, the ARKTIC 59 1/20th HP motor provides users with what sources say is the most reliable and best energy savings solution for low horsepower applications.
— Morrill Motors
Circle 220

Copeland® Discus Digital Now in 4, 6 Cylinder Capacities
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., a business of Emerson, announced that its award-winning Copeland Discus Digital compressor is available in four and six cylinder capacities. Winner of the 2011 AHR Innovation Award in the refrigeration category, Copeland Discus Digital compressors help supermarkets maintain perishable products, improve system reliability and minimize energy costs. These compressors complete the lineup of Discus Digital compressors which are now available in 3D, 4D and 6D capacities. With continuous digital modulation capability from 10% to 100%, the Copeland Discus Digital compressor, now enhanced with CoreSense Technology, provides the most precise method of capacity control, making it ideal for temperature sensitive applications. Introducing Copeland Discus Digital compressors into a refrigeration system allows the system to specifically match the capacity being generated to the required load, providing the opportunity for the system to operate more efficiently, resulting in optimum system performance and control.
— Emerson Climate Technologies
Circle 221

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