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Gas Sniffer is Portable, Easy-to-Use
The Model 7899 gas sniffer from E Instruments is a portable, rugged, and very easy-to-use leak detection tool. The 7899 is equipped with a highly sensitive tip, to pinpoint small leaks of any combustible gases and hydrocarbons from piping and/or appliances, including natural gas, methane, propane, butane, LPG, and others. The 7899 gas sniffer includes

  • 11-in., fully flexible probe for hard-to-reach places
  • automatic zero-drift adjustment
  • audio alarm
  • a “hold” function
  • large, visual LCD and bar graph display.
    — E Instruments
    Circle 222

'Professional Grade' Tool Bag Has Dozens of Pockets
A jumble of tools in a beat up bag just doesn’t project professionalism. The Veto Pro Pac Model LC professional grade tool bag was developed to enhance professionalism and increase productivity. The Model LC was designed by founder Roger Brouard, after months of field calls with contractors, and is designed with a professional’s tools and work routines in mind. Veto Pro Pac’s patented center panel design allows for immediate visual inventory and access to all hand tools, saving contractors from the frustration of hunting for tools, reducing trips to service trucks and increasing billing time. The bag contains 57 pockets capable of handling 75 hand tools. For technicians who use a laptop onsite, the Model LT is a rugged laptop mobile business tech bag.
— Veto Pro Pac;
Circle 223

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