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Drive Provides Fully-Integrated Control Network
Danfoss's ADAP-KOOL® drive product maximises store system efficiency and minimises environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint. According to company sources, ADAP-KOOL® products provide fully integrated control network for remote access to control, monitoring and service support — the best return on system investment is ensured and store up-time is maximized. Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® provides reliable solutions for all individual applications. Increased Food Quality is assured through accuracy of control and monitoring of Critical Control Points. Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® provides documentary evidence and traceability for HACCP Compliance and a full local and remote temperature alarm monitoring for increased food safety. All drives in the AKD 102 series, from 1.5 to 125 HP, have the same setup wizard, display, logical menu structure, and built-in manual, so that technicians use the identical methods for setup, commissioning, adjustment, and troubleshooting throughout the horsepower range. Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® products maintain correct and accurate product temperatures to avoid food loss and wastage costs and the temperature performance is accurately maintained across the display, storage and store facilities.
Danfoss Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Improvements to Emerson Intelligent Store Discus
Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson has announced improvements to the second generation Intelligent Store Discus™ compressor platform. Integrating the performance of Copeland Discus® technology with Emerson’s proprietary diagnostics, this new compressor addresses the core concerns of supermarket facility managers, and provides clearer direction on facilities management decisions. Introduced to the market in 2004, the Intelligent Store Discus compressor was designed with advanced communications capabilities to allow contractors and end-users to better understand refrigeration system operation. Continuous improvements to the design have led to the development of the Intelligent Store Discus v2.1, which offers remote reset, compressor proofing, real-time power monitoring and diagnostic information, sources say.

"Intelligent Store Discus v2.1 goes beyond the traditional refrigeration compressor by providing store operators with a 'window' into the system," says Kurt Knapke, director, end-user sales, Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., Refrigeration Division. "This is the only semi-hermetic compressor that integrates traditional accessories into one electronic platform and acts as a sensor by gathering key compressor and system information, performing self diagnostics, and enabling remote diagnostics. Intelligent Store Discus has proven to be an extremely beneficial product for both technicians and supermarket end-users." The second generation of the Intelligent Store Discus compressor platform is available on all 2D, 3D, 4D and 6D Copeland Discus compressors.
Emerson Climate Technologies

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