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Thermoelectric Module Released
Marlow Industries, Dallas, TX, a world leader in quality thermoelectric cooling technology, has announced the availability of a new Triton ICE thermoelectric module series, that will chill electronics as much as 2C below current market offerings. Inspired by sub-zero temperatures on Neptune's moon Triton, the coolers can dramatically improve customer electronic systems in thermal performance, cost, noise, weight, size or efficiency.

Managing heat in electronics is a common issue, and systems today require high-reliability solutions to achieve maximum temperature differences for the application. The new Triton ICE modules exceed the industry standard in cooling capacity, rate and efficiency while using the same input power. And, as solid-state heat pumps, they offer superior reliability, sources report.

The Triton ICE 40x40mm thermoelectric cooler was made available in October, 2011. Product line expansion plans include a range of dimensional and heat pumping requirements.
— Marlow Industries
Circle 229

Emerson Releases Controller for Low Pressure Copeland Condensing Units
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. has launched a new electronic unit controller for Copeland condensing units with low pressure controls. The first-of-its-kind unit controller represents Emerson’s continuing commitment to enhance condensing unit and commercial refrigeration system performance with innovative technology. Emerson’s Electronic Unit Controller is an integrated electronic pressure control solution to replace traditional mechanical low-pressure control switches, while enabling a smarter condensing unit. Electronic pressure-sensing accuracy maintains a tighter low-pressure control tolerance than mechanical controls to help decrease costly callbacks, while the easy-to use LED interface allows field setup time to be reduced to less than one minute. To help contractors more quickly and accurately troubleshoot and diagnose field issues, the Electronic Unit Controller shows current suction pressure, plus stores alarm occurrence codes, discharge temperature trips, and service run time information, all displayed on a large, easy-to-read LED panel. The controller also features smart fan cycling control through mid-coil temperature sensing on all dual-fan units. The controller is designed to work with any refrigerant, including R-22, R-404A, R-507, R-134a, and R-407C.
— Emerson Climate Technologies
Circle 230

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