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Steel Isolation Valves Provide Flexibility, High Level of Performance
Mueller Refrigeration offers a complete line of steel isolation valves (SIVs) designed to provide the ultimate in flexibility and performance when used in any refrigeration system.

Manual stem service valves are typically installed in refrigeration systems in order to isolate circuits or critical components, which enables access to the system for repair purposes, while also safely ensuring no loss of refrigerant. These valves can have many different styles and are generally forged of brass or cast iron before being mounted directly onto compressors. Angle-style valves in solder or rotalock configurations can be mounted on circuits, supply lines and adaptor fittings.

Mueller SIV series valves feature a unique design with a flexible three-port configuration that allows easy access to any service port, no matter where the valve may be mounted in the system.

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Advancements in Solid State Refrigeration Reported by University of South Florida
Physicists from the University of South Florida report the discovery of a potential new way to advance solid state refrigeration technology. They say it could make environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives to conventional refrigeration more efficient. Solid state refrigeration avoids conventional refrigerants and mechanics, to produce cooler temperatures through thermoelectric technology, without moving parts and refrigerants. However, despite its anticipated advantages, such technology is not competitive at this time because of the low efficiency of the solid state refrigerants. The findings were published in Physical Review Letters. The process works when an electric field is applied to material under certain conditions, causing the temperature to rise. The removal of the electric field will cause the temperature to drop. Faculty member say, thanks to the reversibility of such temperature changes, they can be used in a refrigeration cycle.

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