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No Freeze-up on Vent Port Flaps
Keil Refrigeration Hardware, Lakewood, NJ, has introduced a new narrow profile vent port, which uses a specialized heating technology — Reliable Resistor Heating — to prevent the vent port flaps from freezing. This compact and energy-efficient vent port makes it easier for operators to open and close walk-in cooler and freezer doors. This durable Horizontal Vent Port for door jamb applications is both economical and energy efficient, and reduces the effort required to open refrigerator doors, sources report. Its narrow profile permits mounting in the door jamb above door. Silicone flaps equalize atmosphere pressure in walk-in coolers and freezers. The vent port's energy-efficient design only consumes 9W of power vs. 20-23W for competitive models

The flap's housing is constructed of rugged grey ABS plastic, UL flame retardant and rated 94-5V. A red indicator light warns if unit stops functioning. Two-part construction permits use on door widths from 3-5/8-in. to 4-1/4-in.
Keil Refrigeration Hardware

HVAC Analyzer Stores Data for 200 Tests
The HVAC Guide® HG2 analyzer from Fieldpiece, Anaheim, CA, leads technicians step-by-step through critical tests, including: target evaporator exit temp, target superheat, superheat, subcooling, combustion, and the CheckMe!® diagnostics program. The HVAC Guide makes the service jobs easier, faster, better, and more complete. The technician selects a test on the dial, fills out the Input Form, then reads the diagnosis from the Output Form. The CheckMe!® test analyzes the system as a whole and gives a complete diagnoses. Data can be entered automatically using Fieldpiece's accessory heads, or manually using data from other instruments, such as pressure gauges. No charts, tables, or manual calculations are needed. The HVAC Guide stores up to 200 tests that can be downloaded to a PC for easy customer tracking and data organization. Each set of test data contains a customer ID and a time stamp. Stored tests can be sent to the office for easy billing and supervisor review, or printed, to give to customers as a record of the work performed.
— Fieldpiece Instruments

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