Retail Leaders Attend Emerson Technology Conference

Emerson Climate Technologies, St. Louis, MO, a business of Emerson, has initiated what is to be an annual Technology in Action Conference (TAC).
TAC is a multi-industry retail conference that offers solutions to many of the problems that consistently challenge supermarkets, convenience stores, box retailers and restaurant operators. Those challenes include rising energy costs, to implementing sustainable store designs.
Speakers included:
• Rich Costello, P.E., partner, Acela Energy Group, Norfolk, MA, who spoke on methodologies to take advantage of peak demand limiting and demand reduction incentives.
• Warren Beeton, vice president of refrigeration engineering, Emerson Climate Technologies, who spoke on sustainability, regulations and refrigerant selection.
• Clive Samuels, P.E., executive vice president, Clive Samuels and Associates, Princeton, NJ. Samuels' presentation, "design to save" explored why retailers should look to sustainable design to improve operations.
TAC includes networking opportunities which will allow retailers to interact and exchange ideas with peers from various markets that share similar challenges. In addition, the conference hosts focus groups, giving retailers the opportunity to provide insight and direction to Emerson’s product development teams.
Visit for additional information.

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