Rheem Introduces New Products at HVAC Comfortech 2006

During the recently-completed Comfortech 2006, the Rheem Heating and Cooling Division featured a number of innovative products, and received the prestigious Comfortech 2006 Product Showcase Award from Contracting Business magazine, in the “Diagnostics” category for the Comfort Control System™.
New product introductions included:
— The Rheem Comfort Control System, which applies microprocessor “smart” technology to deliver integrated control technology to monitor performance, conduct self-diagnosis, and provide 24/7 active protection on residential condensing units 13- to 18-SEER and heat pumps 13- to 16-SEER.
— Three New Condensers : The Rheem Classic Series RAND-JEZ and RANL-JEZ and the Ruud Achiever Series UAND-JEZ and UANL-JEZ 13-SEER condensers come equipped with the all new, award-winning Comfort Control System, as does the new Prestige Series and Ultra Series RASL-JEZ and UASL-JEZ 18-SEER condenser.
— 16-SEER Heat Pump: The Rheem Prestige Series RPRL-JEZ and the Ruud Ultra Series UPRL-JEZ 16-SEER two-stage R-410A heat pump also comes equipped with the award-winning Comfort Control System.
— Horizontal Model Gas Furnaces : The Rheem Prestige Series RGJD the and Ruud Ultra Series UGJD horizontal modulating gas furnace joins the most advanced modulating gas furnace line in North America. With Contour Comfort Control, this unique furnace actually contours its comfort performance to within one-degree of the set point, while automatically modulating energy consumption and heating output tailored to custom fit each homeowner’s specific requirements.
— Fall Promotions: Rheem introduced its 2006 “Turn Up the Heat” fall promotions, including two limited-time programs for contractors. These include the KwikComfort consumer financing program, featuring the lowest rate in the company’s history for a 12-month, no payment, deferred interest consumer program, and a cash-rich debit card contractor purchase incentive program that will award a total of $45,000 in debit cards to participating contractors.
For more information, visit www.rheemac.com.

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