Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Featured on AZ Contractor's Vans

Ron Gillespie, owner of Trilogy Plumbing, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, a full-service plumbing installation, repair and service company, has outfitted his newest van with a large display of Rheem tankless water heaters.
The Trilogy van displays the Rheem tankless water heater insignia and photographs of the latest products along with the company slogan, "Relax, it's Rheem."
Gillespie, a 20-year veteran plumber, is a long-time advocate of tankless water heater technology. Trilogy handles commercial and residential applications, and Gillespie says when the company does a remodel, he always recommends converting to tankless.
"I prefer to put in tankless heaters," he says. "I've only had one person not want to put one in, and now he regrets it." Gillespie has installed a unit in his own home and plans to upgrade to Rheem's largest residential model, the RTG-74, which can deliver up to 7.4 gallons of hot water per minute.
Gillespie has been installing Rheem tankless units exclusively for about one year.
Gillespie has had no trouble making the transition, and says his installers are also happier today. "My guys just love the way they install. All around, using Rheem tankless is time-saving and money-saving, and we can offer the product at a reasonable rate."
Customer support also played a major role in Gillespie's decision to switch. "It's just been like night and day between the other company and Rheem," he says. "Rheem's customer support has been great. It's been a decision I've never had second thoughts about."
Dale Schaffer, with Rheem manufacturers' representative PIR Sales, sees tremendous growth potential for tankless water heating in Arizona.
"The market for this product category is building, and it will become major as time goes on." Schaffer says that may be due in part to the fact that environmental concerns have become more important across the state in recent years.
According to the Arizona Department of Commerce, water heating represents about 14% of the typical home utility bill, and ranks as the third-largest energy expense for homeowners. Rheem products, which utilize advanced technology for energy efficiency, represent a smart strategy for homeowners who have environmental concerns and who want to control energy costs.
Gillespie says his customers throughout the Phoenix area are responsive to energy-conservation efforts, but their interest in tankless goes beyond that.
"They see all the positive advantages," he says, including space savings. "A lot are just excited about the tax rebate they get."
For more information, visit www.rheem.com

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