Rheem Water Heating Provides Tankless Software Online

Rheem Water Heating recently became the first industry manufacturer to offer computer software specifically intended for sizing tankless water heaters for residential and commercial installations.
Based on the CertiSpec3 software for Rheem-Ruud commercial water heaters, the new EZ-Spec™ tankless software application is now available for download at www.rheemtankless.com in the “Products” menu.
EZ-Spec offers drop-down menus and easy-to-understand fields. The user selects a specific application (single-family home, townhome/apartment; restaurant, school, health club, laundromat, hotel, etc.) from a drop-down menu and then enters relevant sizing data, fuel type, number of hot-water fixtures, input and output water temperatures, and flow rates. To insure accuracy, the program incorporates the specific flow rates for an extensive array of residential and commercial hot-water appliances.
The program takes input supplied by the user, and indicates the optimal Rheem tankless solution for a given application in a few seconds, including suggested accessories to facilitate the installation. Installers can also generate a summary report, suitable to print or e-mail. The report also includes the project name and customer contact information.

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