Robertshaw Recalls Certain Gas Control Valves

Robertshaw Controls Co., Richmond, VA, has announced a voluntary recall, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, of certain models of the Robertshaw 7000 Series Gas Control Valve.

Under certain circumstances, some valves have failed to halt the flow of gas when pilot lights go out, posing a risk of gas explosion and fire.

The voluntary recall applies to specific 7000 Series models produced between February 2003 and September 2004 that have production dates beginning with code 0306 and ending with 0436. The 7000 Series Gas Valves that are being recalled are installed in gas appliances including residential space heaters, wall heaters, boilers, fireplaces, pool heaters, infrared heaters and furnaces, and some commercial heating equipment.

Not all 7000 Series valves manufactured during the indicated timeframe are being recalled. A full listing of recalled model numbers is available at or can be obtained by calling 800/232-9389. The recall applies to about 425,000 valves.

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