Robin Crow Soars at HVAC Comfortech

Robin Crow Soars at HVAC Comfortech

Musician, record producer, author, and motivational speaker Robin Crow excited and encouraged a packed house during HVAC Comfortech 2009 with inspiring words and beautiful music.

During the presentation, "The Power of Service," Crow — who has produced records for Faith Hill, Neil Diamond, Michael W. Smith, and other nationally-known artists — recounted his days as a struggling musician. He said his climb to success in the record business began when he began to copy the habits of successful people.

"If you adapt to changes, you will be competitive. Adapt. Be willing to pay the price for success. Do whatever it takes, and be responsible for the outcome," Crow said.

During the presentation sponsored by Trane, Crow combined guitar playing with video and text to communicate his primary success messages, including:

  • Leadership is about influencing others to follow
  • A person's character is measured by how he responds to adversity
  • Many people want to wear the cloak of leadership, but with it comes the burden of responsibility.

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