RPA Introduces Regional RadFests as Trade Show Alternative

The Radiant Panel Association (RPA) has gone rad.

RPA has scheduled two “RadFests,” which the association describes as a two-day celebrations of radiant technology.

According to RPA, RadFests are “not exactly a trade show, and not exactly a conference; they are radiant get-togethers hosted by the RPA for radiant enthusiasts to gather and share the excitement of the rapidly growing radiant industry.”

The Great Lakes RadFest will be held in Madison, WI April 16-17, and the Rocky Mountain RadFest will be held in Loveland, CO May 21-22.

Contractors, builders, installers, designers, architects, engineers, suppliers and others interested in radiant heating are all invited to attend.

Rather than one large annual tradeshow, the idea behind the RadFest concept is built on hosting several smaller regional shows that are less formal than the major national shows. By holding several regional RadFests every year located throughout the country, RPA hopes to appeal to those less inclined or unable to travel cross-country.

RadFests are designed to provide local contractors, reps and distributors a chance to network and catch up on new products and installation techniques, and also to give RPA the chance to showcase its local chapters.

The RadFests will offer the popular Radiant Basics and Radiant Precision full-day schools as well as the RPA Certification Exams.Roughly 60 exhibitors are expected to display their latest radiant products at the RadFests.

Suppliers, manufacturers and RPA Chapters will host "Pit Stops" featuring educational seminars, classes, product demonstrations, and question and answer sessions. There will also be discussion tables that will encourage a free form exchange of information and ideas.

Tickets are $20 at the door, $10 from the RPA website, or free from a participating RPA member. Full day schools and exams are extra and require pre-registration.

For more information and a complete schedule of events, visit www.RPAconference.com.

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