RSES Members Earn CM, CMS Status

The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society reports the following members passed the CM exam in October 2006 and were awarded CM status:
Justin F. Carter, Charleston Chapter, Charleston, SC;
Donald M. Dybowski, Greater Detroit Chapter, Detroit, MI;
James J. Merrick, Big Country Chapter, Abilene, TX;
David H. Wessel, Central Arizona Chapter, Phoenix, AZ.

The following RSES members passed a CMS exam in October 2006 and were awarded CMS status:
Stanley B. Osborne, Five Star Chapter, Lawrenceville, GA., heat pumps and electricity;
Jerry F. Williams, Five Star Chapter, Lawrenceville, GA., heating;
Cecil Raymond Khan, Garden State Chapter, Newark, NJ, heat pumps;
Dale M. Olson, Bonneville Chapter, Salt Lake City, UT, heat pumps;
Andrew J. Erbach, Fox Valley Chapter, Elgin, IL, domestic service;
Wally W. Braatz, Atlanta Chapter, Atlanta, GA, heating;
Steve D. Wright, South Metro Chapter, Fayetteville, GA, commercial refrigeration;
Raymond T. Clary, Virginia Chapter, Richmond, VA, electricity;
Gerald E. Cook, Greater Marietta Chapter, Marietta, GA, electricity;
Ratib E. Baker, Cheapeake Chapter, Baltimore, MD, dynamic compression;
Tim J. Lloyd, Gateway Chapter, Edmonton, Alberta, passed the CMS exam in Heating;
Mark S. Delzell, CMS, Columbus Chapter, Columbus, OH, passed the CMS exam in Dynamic Compression.

The CM/CMS exam series originated in 1935. For information, contact the Educational Branch of RSES at 800/297-5660 or 847/297-6464, or by fax to 847/297-5038.

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