Ruskin Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Ruskin Manufacturing Co., Kansas City, MO, will celebrates its 50th On June 16, 1958, the Ruskin Manufacturing Company was founded by Charles D. Jones, Pat Murray and Ilus Davis. Together, the three chose the name “Ruskin” in honor of the new south Kansas City neighborhood called Ruskin Heights. With a handful of employees, the company’s early focus was in the manufacture of fire dampers.

Today, Ruskin has 21 offices and production facilities worldwide and over 3,300 employees. Several thousand more employees around the world — from more than 150 offices — also provide customer support.

“A combination of hard work, commitment to excellence and a spotlight on putting the customer’s needs first has helped Ruskin grow into the largest and most innovative manufacturer of air control solutions,” says Tom Edwards, president.

“We will continue to work hard to be the one that engineers, architects and contractors rely on to make buildings safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.”
Ruskin continues to develop and manufacture low-leak control dampers, air-measuring dampers and louvers, solar sunshades and screens, high efficiency OEM fans (under the Lau brand), sound control products and energy recovery products.
Ruskin was among the first air control manufacturers to secure ISO9001 certification. This quality process ensures consistent work instructions and procedures in all Ruskin plants. So no matter where a customer’s order is filled, the quality is assured.

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