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Adtek Software

Adtek Software's latest Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)approved residential load calculation software was designed for use with a tablet PC. Featuring “point and click” along with “drag and drop” functionality, this software produces room-by-room or block loads. Adtek software has partnered with Equus Computers to provide HVAC contractors with an affordable tablet PC with preinstalled software. Adtek's AccuLoad software can be purchased separately or as a package with the tablet PC for under $1000. The software is licensed per contractor and can be installed on multiple computers with no extra charge.
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Comfort Builder software enables dealers to professionally present both their HVAC business and Carrier products to a homeowner. Comfort Builder leverages technology to gather and store customer information and then launches into a series of tools that contractors can use to move toward a one-call close. It performs load calculations on the residence and shows “op-cost“ calculations on up to four complete systems. Some benefits include:

  • Perform load calculations based upon Manual J 7th or 8th edition

  • Display or print proposals that include dealer logo, color equipment photographs and complete details of the job

  • Identify and present operating costs to compare against existing equipment.
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Dexter + Chaney

Sources report that the company Dexter + Chaney has significantly enhanced the popular service management capabilities in its Spectrum® Construction Software. The company has updated the work order and service contract modules to provide contractors with more flexible, fully integrated construction management, and service management systems in a single package.

According to company sources, the enhancements are included in Spectrum's recently launched Version 13. Dexter + Chaney has enhanced Spectrum's overall flexibility with the goal of giving plumbing, mechanical, and HVACR contractors a powerful service management system combined with an equally powerful construction management system.
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Dynamic Systems

Dynamic Systems introduces a tool tracking software where a barcode system allows tools to be checked in and out, to a person, department, workstation, vehicle, etc. Some features of a bar code tool tracking system include allowing for classifications of tools (high value, low value, expendables), a complete audit trail, tickler dates for tool returns, and the ability to reserve tools.

Requirements for the solution include a wedge bar code scanner at a PC workstation or a handheld bar code terminal, preprinted bar code labels or a label printer with label design software, and specialized tool check in/out software running on a PC workstation.
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Greenheck now offers Autodesk® Revit® 3D content for many of its ventilation products. The Revit® content includes intuitive Building Information Modeling (BIM) components and systems that are fully designed and documented with 3D full-scale models of Greenheck products in a complete range of sizes. Each Revit® family file also includes a text file containing the external type catalog with the product and parametric data needed to select and display the configured fan, matching the corresponding Greenheck CAPS selection for any application. Files can be used with Revit® 2009 Architecture, Structure or MEP programs.
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Intac International Inc.

Intac International, Inc., announces the Wintac Pro 2009. This combines the functionality of several programs into one integrated system including: customer relationship management, field service management, contact management, vehicle management, mobile computing, and complete accounting.

Wintac Pro 2009 comes with an interactive tutorial, both an online and a printed user's guide, and unlimited access to their live technical support services for a full year.
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Jonas Construction

Combining Jonas eService and Jonas Mobile with the Jonas Dispatch system enables contractors to streamline their service departments, sources say. eService allows clients to create and review work orders, view work order history, view and update equipment lists, and view any outstanding accounts payable. Jonas Mobile technology allows technicians to pick up and manage work orders directly in the field on a PDA. Customer signatures are captured on site and work order details are updated to the back-office system in real time. The Jonas Dispatch system is used to manage the scheduling of work orders and technicians.
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NetServiceBooks introduces NSBLite - a program to handle live dispatching and billing over the web. NSBLite is built for the HVAC industry and includes live support.

NSBLite offers dispatching, customer history, and invoicing. A Dispatching Wizard helps contractors create work orders. Work order information is paged, emailed, or sent out as a text message to the technician.

Service technicians have access to a specialized menu, giving them access to their schedule for the day, customer history, and equipment information. Invoicing is done directly from the customer's work order; labor and materials can be allocated to equipment for accurate service history. All upgrades to the software are live and included in the monthly cost.
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Rheem/Ruud's DesignStar is an online program that assists Rheem and Ruud contractors in the specification of customized HVAC systems for their customers. DesignStar assists contractors by providing an instant analysis of the overall efficiency of a homeowner's HVAC system components. This analysis results in a repair versus replacement recommendation accompanied by a selection of heating and cooling solutions to meet the homeowner's comfort priorities, energy-efficiency desires and budget requirements.

Upon activation of a DesignStar account, the contractor will be given access to the official DesignStar web portal and have a consumer-oriented DesignStar web site customized and integrated into their company web site. (see p.10) or
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SageQuest announces the release of a new version of the integration between its web-based GPS fleet tracking and management software Mobile Control, and dESCO's field service management software, ESC v9. As well-established partners, SageQuest and dESCO have taken the information which is critical to each of their customers and combined it to create a new and more powerful solution.

According to company sources, the new integration creates an accurate and comprehensive view of driver and vehicle activity by matching the real-time GPS location from SageQuest's Mobile Control, with work order details from ESC.
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Vertical Market Software

Ventus is an integrated construction accounting and service software system built with Microsoft's .Net and SQL technologies. These new platforms allow Ventus to provide its users with features like “drag and drop” reporting, drag and drop custom screen designs, tabbed menus and quick search, all backed up by an SQL database which allows users to access their data in real time. At its core, Ventus allows mechanical, HVACR and other service-oriented contractors to use one integrated software system across the enterprise. Ventus has over 20 applications that can be grouped into four key areas: service management, job cost, accounting, and specialty applications.
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WennSoft version 10.0 EX delivers new features, functionality and improvements to version 10.0, which was released in September 2007, sources say. A significant focus of WennSoft version 10.0 was to maintain compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics GP version 10.0, whereas WennSoft version 10.0 EX is aimed specifically at developing functionality that will improve organizational processes.

WennSoft version 10.0 EX includes features and enhancements for each of the four core software solutions: Job Cost, Project Management Portal, Service Management Series and Equipment Management Series.

WennSoft solutions complement and enhance existing processes-resulting in expedited reporting, increased operational efficiency, and reduced overall costs.
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