Scientific Dust Collectors Pick Up Frost and Sullivan Award

Growth consultants Frost and Sullivan recently selected Scientific Dust Collectors, Palo Alto, CA, as the recipient of the 2006 U.S. Industrial Air Filtration Technology Leadership of the Year Award, for technology that removes miniscule particulates for specific applications and provides higher efficiency.
The SL-HR or ‘High Ratio’ cartridge collector operates at flows up to 1000 CFM per cartridge. As a result end-users need to use fewer cartridges for the same air volume.
SL-HR cartridge collectors use reverse pulsejet mechanism and can efficiently remove sub-micron particulates. The other attractive features of the cartridge include a nozzle based cleaning system, internal air baffles, Evase’ – a special projection to maximize airflow for better cleaning and reduced pressure drops, same front and back cartridge, and a spring-loaded door.
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