Service Roundtable Launches netMarketing

The Service Roundtable, Dallas, TX, announced the launch of netMarketing, a turnkey website hosting service for HVAC and plumbing contractors today.
“The Internet is replacing the yellow pages,” says Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel. “For a growing number of consumers, contractors who lack a web presence simply do not exist. We launched Service Roundtable netMarketing to offer our members an affordable and easy way to present themselves to their prospects and customers professionally and comprehensively.”
Powered by PagePilot, Online-Access, Inc’s Website Management System, netMarketing offers contractors a bank of more than 100 web pages exclusively available for Service Roundtable members, supplemented by over 200 pages of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical content from Online-Access.
“The ability to combine all of the unique industry features and content we currently offer with the abundant marketing material that the Service Roundtable provides, will allow Service Roundtable members to seamlessly customize and integrate all their marketing into their website with very little effort,” says David Squires, CEO of Online-Access.
netMarketing is designed to be user friendly and simple. Michel says, “If you can use a word processor, surf the Internet, and take a digital picture, you can be up and running in minutes.”
Contractors who use the Service Roundtable’s netMarketing features will be able to offer consumers an information rich site, positioning their companies as industry authorities, and helping homeowners understand the benefits of their full offering. When homeowners can find the information they seek from a contractor’s site, it reduces the need to search elsewhere.
One of the powerful features of netMarketing is the ecommerce engine and permission marketing reminder service that will be released in late October 2007. This makes it easy for contractors to pick up added revenue from commercial customers who want the convenience of ordering replacement air conditioning filters, Bio-Clean replenishments, and so on. For residential customers, the reminder service also gives contractors the ability to refer customers back to the contractor’s website for special offers or coupons.
Service Roundtable is world’s largest and fastest growing independent contractor alliance. Memberships are available for $50 on a monthly basis or less on an annual basis.
Visit for additional information, or contact the Service Roundtable’s Liz Patrick toll free at 877/262-3341 or by email at [email protected]

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