The Service Roundtable Launches Version 2.0

The Service Roundtable, Dallas, TX, has released Version 2.0, a complete green sheet redesign of its industry leading website today.
Launched five years ago in HVAC and a year later in plumbing, the all-Internet Service Roundtable has become the service trades’ largest business alliance with more than 2,500 website users. Through the years the site has grown organically in response to member needs and requests. Version 2.0 simplified an increasingly complex site.
“When we surveyed our members, we determined that our greatest opportunity for improvement was simpler, more intuitive site navigation,” says David Heimer, Service Roundtable chief operating officer. “This is directly addressed with Version 2.0.”
According to Heimer the Version 2.0 site design was a process that started over a year ago when the Service Roundtable brought in website usability consultants to create a clean, attractive, naturally intuitive design to create a rich user experience. Once the design was tested, programmers were turned loose to create the underlying code.
“An advantage of Service Roundtable Version 2.0,” says Heimer, “Is our ability to bolt on additional modules to offer more features for Service Roundtable members. Several of these are already in the works and will be released over the coming 12 months. We will continue to make significant technology investments to enhance our leadership position.”
“David and his team did a great job,” says Matt Michel, CEO of the Service Roundtable. “While the development of Version 2.0 required a significant investment, we’re committed to continuing to improve the Service Roundtable. I’d like to encourage everyone to visit the site, check out the 'Freebies 'section, and take a tour.”
Serving the HVAC and plumbing industries, the Service Roundtable is world’s largest and fastest growing independent contractor alliance. Memberships are available for $50 on a monthly basis or less on an annual basis. For more information visit or contact the Service Roundtable’s Liz Patrick toll free at 877/262-3341 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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