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Service Roundtable Offers Extended Warranty to Members

The Service Roundtable, Dallas, TX, now offers the Contractor Service Solution, a contractor-friendly extended warranty program. The program is available for HVAC and plumbing.

The extended warranty program includes a rebate based on usage, and a requirement for annual maintenance. If a system has not been maintained, the homeowner must pay a deductible direct to the contractor. Contractors can wave the deductible if the homeowner buys a service agreement.

Contractors set the labor rate, which determines warranty pricing. According to the Service Roundtable, the pricing is the same as contractors would pay if they purchased a similar type of warranty through other sources.

All forms are filed over the Internet, resulting in significant back-end savings and efficiency.

The Contractor Service Solution is administered by Equiguard, an industry leader in third-party extended warranties.

“We set out to create a program that saves money for contractors. All of the savings are passed directly to the contractors,” says Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel. “Control of the end customer is another key issue. The contractor controls his customers. There are no hidden provisions where someone can take control of the warranty and give it to another, more favored contractor.”

The Contractor Service Solution is available exclusively for Service Roundtable members. For more information, visit

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