The Service Roundtable Offers Health Insurance Coverage to Members

The Service Roundtable, Dallas, TX, has partnered with leading health care providers to provide affordable health care to its members and their members' employees.
The Service Roundtable’s program, administered by one of the nation’s largest insurance brokerage firms, covers all 50 states, and offers a range of plans, including, medical, dental, vision, and prescription drugs. Service Roundtable members have guaranteed acceptance for basic coverage.
Contractors interested in offering health care for their families, employees, and employees’ families can tailor a plan to meet their exact needs and budgets.
Insurance is provided by Assurant and AIG/American General, and other carriers.
“As the manager of a small, growing company, I’ve lived with the challenges posed in finding good health care coverage," says Service Roundtable CEO, Matt Michel. "It’s hard to find. It’s expensive. And researching it is a distraction.”
Michel says that he is also aware of the value good coverage is to employee recruiting and retention.
“Good coverage stabilizes a labor force, because employees receiving regular health care have better attendance and are less distracted when family members become ill, worrying how they will pay the bills," Michel says. "Moreover, offering health care for people is the right thing to do. Too many contractors go bare.”
Contractors interested in learning more about the Service Roundtable and the organization’s insurance program should contact Liz Patrick by email at [email protected] or toll free at 877.262.3341.
The Service Roundtable serves the HVAC and plumbing industries, and is the world’s largest and fastest-growing independent contractor alliance. Memberships are available for $50 on a monthly basis, or less on an annual basis.
Visit for additional information.

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