Service Roundtable Wins Licenses for Digital Training

The Service Roundtable, Dallas, TX, has acquired the rights to Trinity Learning Corporation’s digital training for HVAC and plumbing.
Trinity is a world leader in workplace learning, with more than 21,000 multimedia training titles and more than one million end-users.
Trinity also maintains 24-hour, encrypted, satellite-delivered networks for specialized markets.
The Service Roundtable’s license permits it to modify and combine the Trinity videos with other training content, and convert it to other formats.
According to the Service Roundtable, the combination of the Workplace Learning videos, Service Roundtable content, and internet delivery will provide significant value to Service Roundtable members.
The Service Roundtable is the world’s largest and fastest growing private contractor group. The company currently serves the HVAC and Plumbing industries. Memberships are available for $50 on a monthly basis or less on an annual basis.
Opportunities are also available for vendors in the company’s 24/7 online Exhibit Hall.
For more information visit their website at or contact Liz Patrick, at 877/262.3341, or by email at [email protected]

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