Shawn Intagliata Named President of Unico

Shawn Intagliata Named President of Unico

Unico, Inc., St. Louis, MO, a leading manufacturer of small-duct high-velocity central heating and air conditioning systems, announced today that Shawn Intagliata has been named president of the company. He replaces Jerry Nicholson, who becomes chief executive officer.

Intagliata has more than 30 years of HVAC industry experience, having served as president of the former Intagliata Heating and Cooling. After that company was sold, he transitioned to Unico, Inc, founded by his father Joe Intagliata in 1985. He’s served in a variety of positions at Unico, including firector of marketing, director of manufacturing, and most recently western sales manager.

“I’m honored and excited to be named president of Unico as we prepare to celebrate our 25th year in business,” Intagliata says. “I'm committed to delivering on the promise on which this company was founded; to continue to work towards introducing new products, striving to offer improved customer service, and delivering quality enhancements to make our products efficient and reliable."

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