Sheet Metal: Inspecting Sheet Metal Jobs for Safety

Sheet Metal: Inspecting Sheet Metal Jobs for Safety

Marina Mechanical has incorporated its safety procedures into many high-profile
Marina Mechanical has incorporated its safety procedures into many high-profile projects, including the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, with branches in Berkeley and Oakland, CA.

Here are some safety questions related to sheet metal work that you might want to add to your job site safety inspection checklist, if you haven’t already. These tips are provided courtesy of Dennis Alfaro, safety director for Marina Mechanical, San Leandro, CA. In 2003, Alfaro was chosen to implement an independent, proactive, and extensive safety program.

Marina Mechanical is a 43 year-old company specializing in commercial HVAC design, construction, service, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), andw temperature controls for customers throughout Northern California. Jim Hussey is company president and CEO.

Crane Lifts

  • Is the area properly cordoned off?
  • Are lifts done only when weather allows?
  • Is rigging equipment rated for lift conditions?
  • Is there proper clearance from power lines?

Plasma Cutter

  • Are there flammables nearby?
  • Are all metal scraps placed into a trash container?
  • Is a fire extinguisher close at hand?
  • Are cords and other items positioned so they don’t present tripping hazards?

Working in a Shaft

  • Are anchor points sufficient for a 5,000 pound load?
  • Is there scaffolding if the shaft is large enough?
  • Are personal fall arrest systems being used?
  • If there is no rigid safe platform for every level, is a boatswain’s chair used?
  • Are area shafts and the bottom of shafts cordoned off with red caution tape?
  • Are unauthorized persons kept out of the area?

Hanging Ductwork

  • Are ceiling wires bent 180 degrees so sharp edges aren’t pointing down?
  • Are long sections of ductwork positioned on the floor before being lifted?
  • Is ductwork secured to the lift mechanism before moving?
  • Is the scissor lift operator licensed?
  • Are hangers and fasteners rated properly?
  • Is the area clear for rolling equipment?

Sheet Metal

  • Is round duct stacked so it can’t roll or blow over?
  • Are tag lines attached to architectural sheet metal when it’s hoisted?
  • Is sheet metal stored so that it doesn’t present a tip hazard?
  • Is the area kept clear of sheet metal scraps which can cut through unprotected shoes?
  • Do other workers or visitors near loose sheet metal have proper footwear?
  • Do workers use grip gloves when handling large pieces of flat sheet metal?
  • Are large pieces of flat sheet metal handled properly in windy conditions?
  • Is sheet metal secured or topped with weights so that it doesn’t fly in the wind?
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