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Finish Seams in Hard-to-Reach Spots
The Metabo fillet weld grinder is specially suited for finishing weld seams in difficult to reach places, such as within banister rails, inside corners or square sections. Thanks to its flat aluminum extension arm, it reaches into restricted areas with particularly tight angles. Double gear reduction ensures you always have optimum material removal capability at hand. Its stainless steel flange and aluminum arm guarantees that the stainless steel being worked stays stainless, preventing cross-contamination. It has a flat and long reach design, and an especially high cutting output due to double gear reduction. Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC) full-wave electronics are engineered into the grinder, for infinitely variable speed change. Its speed automatically remains constant under load. It has an electronic soft start and Power Interruption Protection, which prevents unintentional starting.— Metabo
Circle 186

Carbide-tipped Hole Saws Cut to 2-1/4-in.
Malco recently introduced three new carbid tipped hole saws (2-9/16-in., 3-5/8-in., and 4-5/8-in. sizes). The addition brings the total number of hole saws in the Malco line to 19. The hole saws feature aggressive cutting, carbide tipped teeth with deep self-cleaning gullets and a generous 2-1/4-in. cutting depth. They make fast and easy work of cutting large or small holes in a variety of thick or layered building materials, including fiber-cement, wood, wall tile, fiberglass, plastics, and more. The entire "Quick Action" selection shares a unique quick-connect arbor design for quick release and ejection of thick saw plugs. Changing out hole saws or pilot drills is fast and easy, sources say. Extra-long pilot drills extend a full 1-in. beyond the hole saw teeth to cut through uneven surfaces such as lap siding. — Malco Products, Inc.
Circle 187

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