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Portable Plasma Cutting System has Internal Air Compressor
Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, OH, has introduced the Tomahawk™ 375 Air, one in a line of portable plasma cutting systems designed for use in HVAC applications, on-site maintenance, service tasks, small construction sites, demolition, and rental applications. The Tomahawk 375 Air includes an internal air compressor, eliminating the need for an external air source. This machine can be used anywhere 208 or 230 volt single phase 60 Hz power is available. The 375 Air features continuous output control to focus the plasma arc for up to 5/16-in. recommended, 3/8-in. maximum and 1/2-in. severance cut thicknesses. The machine produces 10-25 amps output, and is rated at 25 amps at 90 volts, 35% duty cycle. Tomahawk plasma cutting systems are designed for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. A touch start system delivers reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency while rapid arc restrike capability ensures users can quickly cut through gaps and expanded metal. The front-panel purge control makes it easy to adjust air flow without initiating a plasma arc. — Lincoln Electric (request bulletin E11.100).
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Auto-darkening Welding Helmets Offer Digital Versatility
The Digital Elite™ series of auto-darkening welding helmets from Miller Electric Manufacturing offers four modes of digital versatility for intense applications. It offers the precion that comes with digital control, with memory. The viewing area measures 3.85 in x 2.38 in / 9.22 sq in.

Its four modes are:

  • Weld mode: variable shade #8-13
  • Cut mode - variable shade #5 - 8
  • Grind mode - light shade #3
  • X-mode - variable shade #8 - 13

The Digital Elite's electromagnetic arc sensing eliminates sunlight interference when working outdoors. Four arc sensors operate at 1/20,000 sec lens speed. The helmet's sensitivity and delay control is .10 to 1.0 seconds. TIG rating is 5 Amps, and it has a manual on/auto-off power control, and accessible bottom-mounted controls. The Digital Elite helmets weigh 18 oz. Two replacement lithium batteries provide 3,000 hours of power, with solar assist. The package includes a $25 accessory package consisting of five outside and two inside cover lenses, a helmet bag, and comfort cushion. The helmets meet the ANSI Z87.1-2003 (high impact) standard. Shown is the Stars and Stripes II™ model — Miller Electric
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