Sheet Metal Today: Products

Sheet Metal Today: Products

Welder Provides Superior Performance, Professional Features and Ease of Use

The Precision TIG® 225 from The Lincoln Electric Company is the most technologically advanced and widest amperage square-wave TIG welding power source in its class, according to company sources. Features include AC and DC output, increased welding output, and new auxiliary power. A wide operating range allows for flexibility – as low as 5 amps on both AC and DC for thin materials, and up to a maximum of 230 amps for heavier TIG and stick welding applications.

The Precision TIG 225 is easy to use for the beginning welder, while offering more advanced welding functions for the experienced user. Patented, Micro-Start™ II Technology delivers stable arc starting, even at the lowest amperages for AC and DC polarity welding. It minimizes high frequency used for arc starting as well as the need for hot starting often required with competitive units. This technology also delivers enhanced arc stability throughout the welding cycle, making it easier to perform welding operations. Arc wandering is virtually eliminated.

Visit for additional information. — Lincoln Electric Co.

Duct Fabrication Software Allows Full Control of Manufacturing Process from PC

CAM-Duct is a production control software package for ductwork manufacturers from Advance Cutting Systems, Pelham, AL. CAM-Duct can control the entire manufacturing process from an office PC, where it can be efficiently managed. A fitting data entry feature allows the user to select a fitting and then detail it for manufacturing.

Gauge, connectors, seams, and stiffeners are pressure class driven. Three views of the fitting are displayed.

The fabricator can change the dimensions and options, and then verify the developments before finalizing the design. An automatic nesting function is fast and efficient, and ensures minimum scrap, according to company sources. A report generator allows the fabricator to write assembly and bar code labels. Visit for additional information. — Advance Cutting Systems

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