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Shreveport College Receives Accreditationfrom HVAC Excellence

HVAC Excellence reviews a program against set educational and industry standards.

Northwest Louisiana Technical College in Shreveport, Louisiana has been granted a six-year accreditation of its HVACR program, by HVAC Excellence.

To validate that they were preparing their students for the challenges in an ever changing HVACR industry, the faculty and staff at Northwest Louisiana Technical College decided to pursue programmatic accreditation. Programmatic accreditation is where an independent third party, HVAC Excellence reviews a program against set educational and industry standards.

In seeking accreditation, the staff at the Northwest Louisiana Technical College had to complete a self study showing how they met each of the required standards. The self study once completed was sent to HVAC Excellence for their executive team to thoroughly assess for compliance against each standard. Upon completion of their review, HVAC Excellence selected a group of industry veterans with combined technical, administrative and teaching experience in the HVAC industry to validate the self study through an intense review of the program.

Some of the benefits of HVAC Excellence HVACR programmatic accreditation include: students can have more confidence in the HVACR program, employers have the assurance that the graduates are properly trained, creates goals for self improvement, can assist the students in the acceptability of transfer credits and it involved the faculty in the evaluation process.

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