Siemens Earns Energy Star Award for Work in Colorado Schools

In recognition for achieving a 10+ rating point increase in energy efficiency as measured by the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star benchmarking tool, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., was recently awarded two certificates of achievement for its work with Thompson School District in Colorado by the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO).
Siemens used an energy saving performance contract to deliver a comprehensive series of energy efficiency-related facility improvements to Thompson School District’s Winona Elementary and Turner Middle Schools in Loveland, CO. Energy savings from the performance contract were verified using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and monitored by Portfolio Manager, the Energy Star benchmarking tool.
According to the EPA, Portfolio Manager provides Thompson School District with energy tracking and benchmarking information that helps heighten the staff’s energy awareness and helps them improve operational strategies.
When Thompson School District embarked on the project in 2003, Siemens began benchmarking all 35 of the district’s buildings using Portfolio Manager to access the EPA’s Energy Performance Rating System. According to data gathered by the EPA tool, over the three-year term of the contract, energy and water savings totaled 7,724,630 kilowatt hours of electricity, 334,032 cubic feet of natural gas and 79,966 kGal. of water. These savings translate into $557,000 in avoided electricity costs, $267,117 in natural gas costs and $200,746 in treated water costs. According to Thompson School District, total savings, including operational savings accumulated over the three year contract, exceeded $1,311,000.
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