Siemens Implements Energy Plan at West Virginia University

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL, has implemented an energy savings performance contract project with West Virginia University (WVU) to significantly reduce the annual energy and water usage at its Morgantown campus facilities.
The project is being administered through a comprehensive program of energy-efficient capital improvements financed by the savings generated from avoided energy costs over a 10-year period.
According to Siemens, the measures have been designed to reduce electrical, heating and cooling demands, as well as lower water usage. Once completed, annual energy savings are anticipated to reach 7,791,600 kilowatt hours of electricity and 43,099,000 pounds of steam.
Under the $7.8 million first phase of the energy savings contract, Siemens will finance the purchase and installation of energy-saving lighting, building automation controls and programming, chillers, steam traps, process water conversion and side stream filtration, weatherization and other energy and water savings improvements to WVU’s buildings.
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