Siemens Supports Learning Center Program in Cleveland, OH

With help from the Siemens Building Education initiative, the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) of Cleveland was recently awarded a $200,000 State of Ohio grant to launch a comprehensive Learning Center program this fall.
Educators will be directly involved in designing and implementing lesson planning and other curricula, to ensure CMHA’s Learning Center integrates and supports district and state educational agendas, including improving standardized test scores. This involvement will be essential to the success of the program.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. supported and coordinated the grant proposal effort through its Building Education initiative. To deliver a dynamic Learning Center program, CMHA and CMSD have teamed with a broad consortium of public and private entities including Siemens, the City of Cleveland, Currere, Inc., Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland, Bellaire Puritas Development Corp., St. Martin DePorres High School, National City Bank, and several other public and private entities.
Siemens’ Building Education initiative has been active nationally, supporting similar efforts and fostering a broad range of programs aimed squarely at developing the personal and professional potential of those in less privileged communities. “Building Education allows us to reach out to the communities in which we live and work in a more substantive way,” says Mike Moats, Siemens’ Building Education program manager.
“Our support in securing this initial grant is just one aspect of our overall and ongoing outreach to CMHA residents. We are looking forward to a long and meaningful relationship.”
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