Smart Products: February 2010

Smart Products: February 2010

Take your company to the next level with Contracting BuArt Products — a section featuring the latest technical and business management tools from leading manufacturers and service providers. For more information on any of the products listed here, circle the appropriate number(s) on the reader service card at the back of this issue, or go to If you're interested in having your company's products appear on these pages, contact your Contracting Business sales representative.

New! Fieldpiece Instruments HVAC Guide® System Analyzer

The newest HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG2, is Fieldpiece's next generation analyzer that leads technicians step-by-step through critical tests including: Target Evaporator Exit Temp, Target Superheat, Superheat, Subcooling, Combustion, and now, the CheckMe!® diagnostics program. Enter data on the input form, get results and recommendations from the output form. Download data to your PC to print work orders and more.
Fieldpiece Instruments
CIRCLE 185 is an active online community that connects HVAC professionals from all over the world. Contractors use to network and socialize, gather information, and to ask questions to industry professionals. Check out the educational forums or post a picture to the “Wall of Pride.” With over 100,000 members, users can get answers and replies within seconds of posting to the forum. Best of all, it's free. So why not join today? One hundred-thousand HVAC professionals can't be wrong!

Seismic Vibration Isolation Rooftop Curbs

Custom designed and competitively priced, curbs are designed to withstand both seismic and/or wind loads that are being specified in today's building codes and feature adjustable spring isolators and roof curb in a single unit. Shipped fully assembled, rooftop units can be set after curbs are installed and curb roofed in later without disturbing the rooftop unit. A flexible counter flashing, for a weather tight installation, is provided for installation after curb is roofed in and springs have been activated. Thybar Corporation, 913 S. Kay St., Addison, IL 60101. 800/666-CURB. Fax: 630/543-5309. E-mail: [email protected]

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