Smart Products: July 2009

Smart Products: July 2009

Electronic Flowhood

Air balancing and energy audits are faster and easier with the CFM-Electronic Flowhood. It offers unequaled accuracy, direct digital readout, and density-corrected airflow measurement. No Ak correction factors are needed. Reads 20 to 25,000 cfm or liters per second. Comes with five tops and a carrying case. Custom tops are available. Is NIST-traceable. — Shortridge Instruments, Inc.

Strategos Rooftop Units Deliver Efficiency Ratings Through the Roof

Designed to cut energy usage, lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact, Strategos rooftop units from Lennox are a critical element in a successful strategy for sustainable design. ENERGY STAR® qualified with ratings up to 14.3 EER, 16.1 EER and 16.4 IPLV, Strategos units help meet green building design objectives including the attainment of LEED credits. Strategos units also feature the revolutionary MSAV (Multi-Stage Air Volume) supply fan option. With up to seven levels of airflow, this option helps maximize energy conservation while still meeting comfort requirements. Lennox Industries 800/9-LENNOX www.lennox.comLennox

Advanced Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

Fieldpiece's SRL2K7 gives field technicians premium performance in an ergonomic, rugged design. The infrared sensor delivers sensitivity down to 0.1 ounces per year and doesn't trigger on oil or moisture like other types of sensors. A replaceable, water-blocking filter keeps water out of the instrument. Visual and audible alarms trigger on CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, and blends. It senses CHANGE in refrigerant levels and is self-zeroing. The SRL2K7 features a sturdy, non-conductive sensor arm, and a rechargeable, 8-hour lithium-ion battery that lasts all day. Magnetic hanger, peak and mute buttons let technicians work the way they want. Hard case, wall and car chargers, 9-in. flexible and rigid wand extensions, and 10 replacement filters included. — Fieldpiece Instruments

Fantech Offers New Catalog

Fantech, Inc. has just released a new commercial ventilation catalog featuring power roof ventilators, wall fans and air circulators. Over 136 pages of products designed to solve air movement problems in commercial, industrial, institutional or agricultural applications. Fan sizes from 50 cfm to 76,000 cfm. When the problem is ventilation, the solution is Fantech. For a copy of the new catalog, email [email protected].

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