Smart Products - June 2012

Smart Products - June 2012

SmartFrame™ Technology, All-aluminum Coil Hallmarks of ARUF Air Handler from Amana®
The Amana® brand ARUF air handler is manufactured with SmartFrame™ chassis technology and corrosion-resilient, pressure-tested, all-aluminum evaporator coils, then packed with contractor-friendly enhancements that make installation and service easier. SmartFrame sub-structure technology provides a sturdy inner cabinet, eliminating screws in the sides and back of the cabinet, and preventing ‘screw sweating’ in high-humidity installations. Embossed wrappers and door panels, improved base strength and four-corner posts increase lateral rigidity. Only 21-in. deep, ARUF models allow easy access/installation through pull-down attic stairwells. ARUF units use one-inch filters, accessible without tools.

New from Fieldpiece! Wireless Swivel Clamp Meter
The new SC57 Wireless Swivel Clamp meter is the first clamp meter on the market with wireless capabilities. Now HVACR professionals can receive or send measurements up to 75 feet away. This helps techs do a better and faster job as they can receive measurements like indoor wet bulb while they’re outside at the condenser making adjustments based on real-time measurements – so there’s no need to run between indoors and outdoors. The head swivels 180° for easy visibility.
— Fieldpiece Instruments

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