Source Refrigeration & HVAC Expands into Florida

Source Refrigeration, Anaheim, CA has opened an office in Florida, to serve the greater Orlando, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Fort Myers markets.

To prepare for the venture, Source relocated some resources and leadership talent to manage the new Florida operation. The company plans to expand its Florida operations further into the state’s southern and eastern regions. This will include hiring local technicians and managers.

Brad Howard, CEO, Source Refrigeration, says the Florida team will work with customers to improve system efficiency and lower energy use and emissions through the use of new refrigeration technology.

"Refrigeration drives nearly half of a supermarket's energy use, can significantly contribute to its carbon footprint, and can increase maintenance costs," Howard says.

"Expansion into the Florida market is part of an exciting growth initiative for Source", says Lauren Abrams, president and chief operating officer, Source Refrigeration & HVAC. "We're thrilled to bring our refrigeration & HVAC experience, expertise and total solutions approach to the Florida market to help customers optimize system performance, better manage their energy usage, positively impact the environment, and lower their overall operating costs.

"Our goal is to establish long term partnerships with our customers and to deliver results that improve our environment and our customers’ bottom line,” Abrams says.

Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc. has more than 30 branch locations and 1,000 employees.

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