Start-Up News: Hiland Energy Services, LLC

Start-Up News: Hiland Energy Services, LLC

Founder has 25 years of experience with power plants and energy systems.

Hiland Energy Services, LLC, based in South Windsor, CT, was recently formed by company president Todd McLeod.

Hiland Energy Services provides energy consulting, engineering, project management, contract and document review, and project development services to the renewable and combined cooling, heating and power industries.

McLeod has more than 25 years of experience in engineering and installing power plants and energy systems with a leading equipment manufacturer, and an engineering firm, Harrington Engineering. He has held executive management positions, and has been responsible for global energy operations.

He has also shared his expertise within the commercial HVACR community, as a presenter during the Contracting Business 2009 Commercial HVACR Symposium.

A company website has been launched at To contact Hiland Energy Services, call 860/656-8954, or mail to: Hiland Energy Services, LLC; P.O. Box 613, South Windsor, CT. 06074

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