Steel Reality Founder Josh Spoores to Keynote SPIDA Annual Meeting

Josh Spoores, Founder and Chief Analyst at Steel Reality has been selected as a keynote speaker for SPIDA, the Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association, annual meeting taking place in San Antonio, TX, on April 30th, 2011.

Spoores will be presenting on the economic factors that drive steel demand and what those factors are forecasting for steel prices going forward. The other keynote speaker will be Clay Clark, the SBA Entrepreneur of the Year.

“Steel is the primary component of spiral ductwork,” said Josh Spoores, Chief Analyst at Steel Reality. “Understanding and anticipating changes in the price of steel has a major financial impact on these manufacturers and my presentation will cover the leading indicators of steel prices.”

SPIDA, a trade association promoting the use of spiral duct as an energy efficient, low cost, quiet source of HVAC, invited Spoores to speak because he closely watches the economic drivers of the steel market. Steel Reality currently publishes reports titled This Week in Steel and a report on Leading Steel Indicators for hundreds of readers.

Steel Reality publishes reports that look exclusively at underlying data that drives steel prices, allowing steel buyers, sellers, and financers to form their own opinion based on the facts. The Leading Steel Indicator report covers proprietary information such as price momentum, apparent excess steel in the supply chain, and manufacturing indices, which shows coming expansion or contraction. This Week in Steel covers recent data such as steel futures, as well as a SWOT analysis focused on key points for buyers and sellers.

“It is absolutely imperative for buyers and sellers of steel to use accurate, timely, and forward-looking information to create their own opinions,” said Spoores. “The information driving steel prices can be overwhelming without a proven system to track and review the most important data.”

Steel buyers, sellers, and others interested in steel market trends can sign up for a trial subscription at

More information on the annual SPIDA meeting can be found at

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