Success Academy Hosts Training at Mexico Resort

Contractors from HVAC industry and various other home service industries participated in a two-day sales seminar in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, hosted by the Success Academy, the training company of Clockwork Home Services, Inc.
The course was called Success Passport: Rewarding and Growing Your Top Producers Through Adventure. It covered an assortment of topics, including:
-The importance of continuing your sales education
-Understanding that closing a sales is a process
-The art of prospecting to build your business
-The specific steps to creating a masterful presentation
-How to communicate and lead a conversation with questions
-How to handle and eliminate objections
-The 37 powerful close techniques that are guaranteed to get a “Yes!”
Contractors used Success Passport as a way to reward their top producing employees or themselves for their hard work in 2006.
Clockwork Home Services' other companies include AirTime 500 and One Hour Air Conditioning Heating Franchising.

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