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The 'System Essentials' Handout

The easiest time to sell something to someone is right after they've gotten used to spending money with you. Most technicians stop selling once they get a "yes," and installers rarely try to sell upgrades.

Here's a handout that techs and installers can give customers to read while they are working.

Note that this handout does not use the commonly used industry names for our products and services. That makes it more difficult for customers to price-shop for same item. Here is a list of our most common add-on sales:

The hi-efficiency/hi-capacity air filtration system we use is a boxed, pleated media air filter. The best part about the type we use is that it has a thick rubber gasket around it to reduce, or even completely eliminate, bypass. We use them because they’re available in a number of pre-made standard sizes and also can be custom-made for any system. This means we can put a 5-in. pleated filter in any return air grille. We have them shipped directly to us, then we affix our company stickers over the manufacturer’s info. This is an easy add-on sale to anyone who wants a better air filter, but doesn’t want to spend $1,000 or more for a more complicated system.

Duct sanitization is accomplished with the use of a tri-jet fogger and a EPA-approved, hospital-grade botanical disinfectant. It’s completely safe. It has a very light odor that dissipates within minutes. To disinfect a duct system, simply set the furnace or air handler blower to the “on” position, fire up the fogger, and place it next to a return air duct for 20 to 30 minutes.

A stage one system sterilizer is a standard UV light. We think everyone should have one, whether they live in an area that is prone to mold and mildew or not. UV lights also vaporize light dust and keep the insides of air handlers and air conditioning coils clean.

A whole-house purification system is one of the more sophisticated UV lights that also has a catalyst to remove volatile organic compounds. These lights are mounted in the air supply. You do not need to have allergies to need one of these. Everyone needs one because every building in this country, from homes, to offices, to factories, to churches, are full of highly toxic indoor air pollution that absolutely must be neutralized.

Surge protectors are recommended for both the inside and the outside equipment. We just ask people if they have surge protection on their computers and electronics. When they say yes, we ask them why. Customers usually say something like, “Computers and electronics are expensive.” That’s when we point out that you can replace your computers and televisions for less money than you can an air conditioner and furnace.

An easy-start kit is a hard-start kit, and we feel it’s actually a more accurate description of what the product does.

A corrosion inhibitor is a corrosion grenade. Anyone who has ever had an air conditioner rust out on them will want one.

Click here for a downloadable pdf version of this form. For an email with links to all the products mentioned above and a copy of the form in Word format, email Charlie directly at [email protected].

Charlie Greer is an HVAC industry sales trainer and the creator of “Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD.” For more info go to www.hvacprofit or call 800/963-HVAC (4822).

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