Thayer Corp. Acquires Precision Mechanical

Thayer Corporation, a Linc Service Contractor based in Auburn, ME, has expanded Linc’s presence in New England by acquiring Manchester, N.H.-based Precision Mechanical.
Precision Mechanical will maintain its current name and operations in Laconia and Dover, N.H., as well as in Manchester.
Precision Mechanical is the fourth Linc Service Contractor in New England, and one of the latest to join the growing, 130-member Linc Network in the U.S., Canada, and Bermuda.
Linc Service Contractors follow the disciplines of the Linc System in delivering preventive HVAC service and bundled energy solutions to the commercial market.
The acquisition doubles the area for which Thayer provides coverage, thus allowing the company to bring Linc Service to customers in the southern regions of Maine and New Hampshire, and meet the needs of some of its larger customers who operate in both states.
Using the Linc System tools, Thayer hopes to substantially grow Precision Mechanical’s service business.
Like Thayer, Precision Mechanical employs nearly 50 staff members and specializes in negotiated design build services. Thayer initially had discussed the acquisition of Precision Mechanical 10 years ago, but various factors delayed the decision.
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