Think you know enough about CO? Are you Sure?

Take this quiz... T F Blue flames are clean and efficient T F Crack heat exchangers are responsible for most CO poisonings T F Providing high-low combustion air to the mechanical room supplies the proper amount of air for combustion T F Current GAMA venting tables address most environmental and safety issues T F 80%+ efficient furnaces usually deliver more heat to the chimney than conventional furnaces T F Two-stage furnaces are more efficient than single-stage furnaces T F Rust on equipment is caused by normal operation and household chemicals T F Testing for carbon monoxide in registers and plenums provides useful information HINT: Only one Is TRUE. What is the price of your lack of knowledge? Lets face it. Ignorance is expensive ... especially when it comes to carbon monoxide. Can you afford to pay the price? If you were wrong, could you live with yourself afterwards? National Comfort Institute is offering a Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Efficiency Training and Certification Seminar in your area very soon. Learn the correct answer to each of the above statements -- and that's just the start. This seminar addresses gas, oil, residential, and commercial combustion analysis. Learning how to solve problems, increase sales, profits, and boosting customer satisfaction. Need another reason? The knowledge you gain must may save a life. Find out why thousands of contractors, technicians, and sales people call this one of the most informative and eye-opening seminars they have ever attended. Call NCI Today at 800.633.7068 for a FREE information package and CO Safety Chart.

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