Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Each month, Contracting Business picks a leading contractor and takes a look at the products, tools, and services that he or she has chosen to help make their company successful.

Campbell & Company Pasco, WA
Campbell & Company is the 2012 Contracting Residential HVAC Contractor of the Year. Founded by Mike Campbell (above) in 1983, Campbell & Company’s services include residential heating and air conditioning, electrical services, fireplaces and stoves, micron duct cleaning, home security services, commercial HVAC and refrigeration, and sheet metal fabrication. The company’s unique marketing campaign features their employee’s names and photos on company vans, trucks, business cards and thank you cards, and has become a company trademark. Campbell & Company’s success is rooted in customer service and excellent employees. Their tag line is ‘The best people in the business,’ and you can read about why that’s a true statement at


  • Number and type of trucks/vans: 36 E250 5.4L Ford vans, 16 Ford box trucks, three F350 gas piping trucks, two F350 duct cleaning trucks, three International trailers, 16 pickup trucks.
  • Inventory on trucks/vans: $5,500 per service truck, $2,800 per install truck.
  • Tools provided: Refrigerant scales, reclaim machines and ladders.
  • Test Instruments: Multimeters, refrigerant leak detector, refrigeration manifold gauges (both R-22 and R-410a), digital pocket thermometer, gas pressure test gauge, magnahelic or u-tube, variable speed motor tester, Meger, micron gauge, Nitrogen low flow regulator, Nitrogen regulator, CO2 regulator and blow kit.
  • Preferred field communications method: Verizon smart phones, Verizon flip phones, Actsoft Comet Tracker GPS.
  • Preferred ladder type: Werner, Louisville.


  • Preferred business management software: Successware
  • Preferred business software package: Successware.
  • Preferred sales management software: Successware.
  • Preferred computer/printer equipment: Hewlett Packard.
  • Preferred photocopier equipment: Sharp MX-5500
  • Fax machines: Hewlett Packard.
  • Business connection to the Internet via: Charter Cable.
  • Preferred uniform supplier, rent or buy: US Linen (buy).
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover.


  • Preferred HVAC heating and cooling equipment brands: Lennox and York.
  • Preferred acessory equipment brands: Honeywell.
  • Preferred zoning equipment: Harmony.
  • Dollar amount of equipment inventoried: $750,000
  • Preferred distributors: Johnstone, Genso, Thermal Supply and Ferguson.
  • Number of technicians currently certified and type of certification: 26 NATE-certified, 4 PTCS-certified.
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