Tools of the Trade - EMCOR Services-Trimech Corp

Welcome to the newest department in Contracting Business magazine. Here we look at the products, tools, and services that make a contractor successful. Each month we’ll pick a contracting firm — past winners of our Contractor of the Year Award winners of either a Quality Home Comfort Award or a Design/Build Award, and other nationally recognized figures — and see what tools of the trade they prefer and that help make them successful.

EMCOR Services-Trimech Corp., Pompton Plains, NJ

Mark Grawehr is president of Trimech Corp in Pompton Plains, NJ.
Trimech is an $11 million operating division of Emcor Group, Inc., a Fortune 500 company with more than $4 billion in annual revenues. Emcor is a global leader in mechanical and electrical construction and facilities services.
Here is Mark’s list of the tools used in his company’s trucks, office, and shop.


  • Number and type of trucks/vans:
    10 Chevy vans, 10 Chevy pick-ups, 1 GMC pick-up, 1 Ford pick-up, and 1 Ford rack
  • Inventory on trucks/vans: Inventory on trucks is limited to generic components such as contactors, relays, transformers, and the like.
  • Preferred test instruments
    technicians carry:

    Brand names include:
    Amprobe & Fluke volt meters, Robinair/Yellow Jacket refrigeration gauge set, Raytek infrared thermometer; select technicians carry Shortridge AirData and HydraData multimeters.
  • Preferred brand of ladders:
    Werner Fiberglass.
  • Preferred field communications method: Nextel
  • Preferred wireless field service software: Not in use.


  • Preferred business management software:
    Shaker Coins, custom developed. Applications in Microsoft Access, Excel, and ACT
  • Preferred load calculation software:Trane Trace 700
  • Preferred sales management software:ACT, custom developed applications in MS Access
  • Preferred computer/printer equipment:
    Computers: Dell.
    Printers: Xerox, Toshiba, Espson, Hewlett Packard
  • Preferred photocopier equipment: Xerox, Toshiba
  • Business connects to the Internet via: DSL line.
  • Preferred Internet service provider: Conquer The Web
  • Preferred business software package: Microsoft Professional Office, Lotus Notes.
  • Preferred uniform supplier: Corporate purchasing agreement with Aramark.
  • Credit Cards Accepted:
    We don't currently accept credit cards (we used to accept Amex, MC, Visa, Discover, but use was very infrequent).


  • Preferred HVAC heating equipment brands:
    Trane, Carrier, McQuay, York.
  • Preferred HVAC cooling equipment brands:
    Trane, Carrier, McQuay, York
  • Preferred accessory brands: York, Luxaire, Lennox
  • Amount of equipment inventoried: Zero.
  • Warehouse equipment used: Komatsu forklifts, Grainger hand carts.
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