Totaline Stores Carry Totaline, Emerson Motors and Lau Accessories

Totaline reports it now stocks Totaline and Emerson motors for any unit, as well as a complete line of Lau motor accessories. “From motors to accessories, we carry everything you’ll need to install or repair a motor. If it spins in circles and moves air, Totaline has it. And, our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff are always on hand to offer suggestions or help you find a certain product, so you can get back to the job quickly,” says Jay Seitz, Totaline product manager.
Totaline and Emerson motors carried in Totaline stores are multi-horsepower. “This means they can be used in several applications. And, depending on the motor, you can install just one instead of multiple motors,” Seitz says.
The importance of accessories comes into play when a motor is changed, at which point the fan blade should also be changed. “You should never put the same fan blade back on a new motor,” Seitz says. “It can damage it, putting the motor out of balance, leading to early motor failure. Plus, a new blade with a new motor looks better to the customer, he adds. “It shows you did the job.”
Beginning March 1, with the purchase of any Totaline or Emerson motor and a Lau blade, HVACR contractors can receive a FREE Lau pitch gauge. Visit and click on the "Free Stuff" link to see a list of applicable part numbers and obtain additional information.
Totaline is a global network of more than 800 HVACR parts stores, and is part of Carrier Corporation.

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