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Trane Ad Campaign Based on Indoor Air Quality

Trane Ad Campaign Based on Indoor Air Quality

Trane is hoping its dealers see increased inquiries and sales as a result of it’s new “cloud house” ad campaign. The ads highlight Trane’s expertise in climate control, home comfort, energy efficiency and better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The multi-media campaign is running on national television networks, national home and lifestyle magazines, and is upported by newspaper, radio, billboards and online ads. Print and TV versions of the ads depict a house of blue sky and fluffy white clouds dropped into a number of weather scenarios such as rain, snow, sunshine or pollution, to illustrate how Trane’s systems maintain clean, comfortable air within the home, no matter what conditions exist outside. Messaging for the ads was developed from research into what really matters for surveyed homeowners. According to Trane spokespersons, respondents put health, well-being, and comfort at the top of their lists. The campaign was designed to make consumers think about air and its fundamental relevance to everyday living and how the quality of indoor air is related to their health and well-being. Trane sources say the ad campaign’s theme, “Heating. Cooling. And Beyond” reinforces the brand’s role in creating a home where the air is cleaner, greener, healthier, and more efficient. Visit for additional information.

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