Trane Chiller Test Facility Wins AHRI Approval

Trane Chiller Test Facility Wins AHRI Approval

The Trane operation in Pueblo, CO, received Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) approval of its run test facility for air-cooled water chilling systems.

The business is the first manufacturer in the world to earn this approval, sources report. The Pueblo facility is used for AHRI certification tests of air-cooled units from 0 to 200 tons, as well as for internal and customer tests to confirm the performance of specific air-cooled water chilling systems of 20 to 500 tons.

AHRI certification tests are witnessed by an AHRI-approved laboratory representative, and all testing is conducted according to AHRI Standard and OM. Witness performance tests conducted at the facility confirm predicted energy efficiency and system performance under specified conditions.

“Our primary focus in new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is energy management, and it is critical to ensure that our systems will perform as designed,” says Larry Hood, senior construction manager for Volusia County Schools in Florida. “Using a witness performance test gives us the documentation to prove that we can operate as designed," Hood says.

The AHRI approval was earned based on technology standards and performance of the facility and systems produced. The facility underwent an extensive and rigorous inspection process conducted by AHRI to gain approval. This approval means that the facility is approved for the purpose of conducting AHRI certification tests on air-cooled water-chilling packages using the vapor compression cycle in accordance with the current AHRI Standard 550/590 and Certification Operations Manual.

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