Trane's New Helical Rotary Chiller Now Available

Trane is now accepting orders at its commercial sales offices for the new helical rotary chiller model series RTM RTWD. The RTWD is a 70-to-150 ton screw chiller that provides chilled water for comfort cooling or process applications.
Trane says the RTWD has the highest efficiency level in the industry for screw chillers in its size range, offering up to 7% improvement in full load efficiency compared to competitive chillers. These efficiency levels not only meet today’s ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency standards, but also forecasted future updates. With full load efficiency of 0.67 kW/Ton, the RTWD minimizes the expense of operating a chilled water system which can amount to over 90% of the total lifetime cost of an HVAC system.
According to the company, the RTWD is flexible and operates in a range of energy-saving applications including Trane EarthWise, variable primary flow, low temperature industrial processes, ice storage, and heat recovery. These applications meet the requirements of a wide variety of building types such as schools, office buildings, hospitals and industrial applications. Expanded capabilities include the ability to generate up to 140F water temperature for use in swimming pool, laundry services or any application requiring heat recovery.
RTWD has precise temperature control (+/-0.5F), as well as advanced adaptive algorithms and preventative unit safeties that keeps the chiller running when competitive chillers would likely shut down. It also has water and electrical connection options and a small footprint that allows it to fit through a single width door, minimizing installation time and expense.
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