Triangle Tube Contributes Funds for Fresh Water Well in Africa

The organization A Drink for Tomorrow, in partnership with stainless steel water heating equipment manufacturer, Triangle Tube, Blackwood, NJ, is constructing a freshwater well in the village of Labala, in Botswana, Africa.

A Drink for Tomorrow was founded by Moorestown, NJ resident Stephanie Weaver. It raises money and awareness to provide affordable and sustainable clean drinking water for those without modern plumbing facilities.

The project was made possible entirely by Triangle Tube's donation. It will consist of a newly-drilled well approximately 100 ft. deep, and a new hand pump to draw clean water from the well. The well will provide a community of approximately 400 people with clean, safe drinking water. It's expected that more people will relocate to this village once the water is made available.

"Because we produce water heaters and boilers, water is vital for Triangle Tube," says President Daniel Lasserre. "However, it's even more essential for all people to survive. Nowhere is this more evident than in remote villages without clean water, like Labala. What better way for Triangle Tube to contribute to society than to make clean water available for this community? We know that this will provide a foundation for their success, as it has for Triangle Tube," Lasserre says.

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